The Baldridge Case: 100% Disability Rating

An interesting WCAB decision allowed 100% disability based on a 45% WPI orthopedic rating, a psychological PRDS of 23%, and an expert outlining significant work restrictions. However, the defense missed arguing the lack of objective testing of the work recommendations. As the decision stands, applicants can qualify for 100% disability based on significant orthopedic impairment and psychological factors, combined with any recommendations for subjective work restrictions. I am confident that defense groups will not make this mistake again and request objective work restrictions from an expert and that is were Medical Legal Experts Medical Inc. Functional Capacity Evaluation physicians in California fit in. At Medical Legal Experts Medical Inc., our physicians are trained to find objective work restrictions to safety return the worked back to work, or protect them by keeping them away from injourous labor. Contact Dr. Stephen Stepaniuk, DC, FCE Expert at Medical Legal Experts Medical Inc.