Fit for Duty

Fit for DutyOther situations require different types of assessment of functional capacity. For example, when an injured or ill employee recovers sufficiently to return to work, his/her employer may require a fitness-for-duty (FFD) evaluation.


Fitness-for-duty evaluations are important in the assessment of functional capacity and in the determination of an appropriate fit between the examinee’s capacities and the essential functions of the job.

Fit for duty focuses on the elimination of exposure to risk factors associated with injury. Emphasis is placed on the essential functions for the specific occupation. This includes physical risk factors such as force, repetition, posture, vibration, range of motion, muscle strength, grip strength, lift capacity, lighting, and work station design. Once these factors are identified, they can be broken down into specific body mechanics and calculations of the exact force, time, and motion required to perform the duty safely.


Medical Legal Experts is the first choice in creating a safe and healthy work environment for your company.   Our fit-for-duty evaluations improve the efficiency and quality of your workplace, while simultaneously protecting both yourself and your employees.


Our Evaluations are a practical solution to prevention, safety, and wellness.


  1. Return to Work Evaluations: create a safe return to the workplace for an injured worker.
  2. Current Injuries: Keep your employee working with a proper ergonomic evaluation.
  3. Preventative and Proactive: Keep your employees healthy and prevent future claims.
  4. Pre-Employment Screening: know who is a risk before you hire.


The professional team at Medical Legal Experts has been providing services since 1998.  Our unique experience and professional team of Certified Physicians provide cost-efficient evaluations onsite.

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