We provide nationwide Medical-Legal Examinations (IME, QME & AME), Peer Reviews, Record Reviews, Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) and expert witness testimony. Our company is composed of Physicians, Examiners and Healthcare Professionals based in Los Angeles, California. We have over 1,000 years of combined clinical experience and medical-legal knowledge. Most importantly, we provide honest and ethical exams maintaining integrity and respect within our community.

All our physicians maintain valid physician licenses and current specialized training. Medical Legal Experts Inc. electronically transmits Medical-Legal Examinations (IME, QME & AME) and reports to insurance carriers, employers, and attorneys through our secured Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant website. Medical Legal Experts Examinations (IME, QME & AME) and reports can integrate into any electronic medical record (EMR) system.

In the case of litigated claims, Medical Legal Experts Inc. provides expert testimony and medical-legal advice to requesting parties. Medical Legal Experts Inc. provides Medical-Legal Examinations (IME, QME & AME) in multiple test locations throughout the United States and Canada.



Medical-Legal Examinations (IME, QME & AME) and Functional Capacity Evaluation guidelines were published in The Physicians Guide to Functional Capacity Evaluations, receiving endorsements from medical boards, chiropractic colleges and physical therapy boards within the United States of America, Canada, Mexico and Australia. The Medical Legal Experts text book is approved by the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College for continuing education hours. CMCC is recognized by the PACE program of the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards.


In 1998, a group of research scientists at Life Chiropractic College West began to test human performance. This group of doctors tested electronic inclinometers to accurately measure spinal motion. Once testing protocols were established, another scientist in San Luis Obispo, added force gauges to test spinal and extremity muscle testing. This group of experts drew the attention of several orthopedic surgeons within California seeking documentation for Med-Legal reports within the California Workers’ Compensation system. This patented software and exam protocols are tested and further developed every day. Our physicians continuously contribute to our software development and universal testing standards. We also incorporate significant legal rulings into our reporting to maintain our gold standard.